Get acquainted with the variety of cheeses in the Holtseer Käsekiste

At our Holtseer Käsekiste, you can discover, taste and buy many of our specialities right next door to where they are produced. Enjoy the Holtseer products yourself or treat your loved ones with various cheese and wine gift ideas.

The Holtseer Käsekiste is also the perfect rest stop for those visiting the Schleswig-Holstein Cheese Route. Our team has cool drinks and sandwiches ready for guests.

At our Käsekiste on Holtenauer Straße in Kiel you can enjoy our range of cheeses, as well as ice cream made by Giovanni L., which is also made with our milk – well worth a visit.

Holtseer Käsekiste – Factory Sale

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Dorfstraße 2, 24363 Holtsee

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