Matured in northern Germany. Enjoyed around the world.

Top-notch enjoyment requires exceptional recipes, master cheesemakers who understand their craft, and optimal climatic maturing conditions. Each type of cheese from the Holtseer Landkäserei fulfils these requirements – all are authentic, precious and North German. This is what makes our cheeses so distinctive and gives them a taste you will love to enjoy day after day.

Holtseer Tilsiter

Our original since 1942. The special climate of the Baltic Sea gives it its unique flavour. Perfect on hearty black bread.

Holtseer creamy Tilsiter

Made using a traditional recipe. Full-bodied and with a pleasantly hearty flavour. Its creamy, smooth texture develops during its long maturation period in the Holtseer cheese cellars.

Holtseer Orkan

Our new Tilsiter from the coast is probably the most intensive cheese in Germany. After 8 months of maturing, it develops a unique flavour.

Holtseer Knööv (previously Ascheberger)

Its intensive smell indicates its strong flavour. Gives dishes such as onion tarts and cheese-and-leek soup a particularly full flavour.

Holtseer Bernsteiner

Finely spiced hard cheese. Matured for at least three months. Ideal on bread, in casseroles, pasta dishes, gratins and on cheeseburgers.

Holtseer Bütt

Traditionally refined in the barrel and cultured by hand. 'Bütt' is North German for 'tub'. Full-bodied flavour thanks to the subtle aroma of the red cultures.

Holtseer Buur

Our dairy farmers' favourite. 'Buur' is northern German dialect for 'farmer'. Tastes great at any hour as a hearty snack on tasty bread or rolls.

Holtseer Cheddar with seasalt

Due to its natural aging and care with sea salt, the cheese develops its aromatic-spicy aroma. With it we catch a sea breeze and bring holiday feelings to every table.

Holtseer Geest

Made with the milk of cows grazed on Schleswig-Holstein Geest, north of the Eider. Excellent for an ample breakfast, as a raclette cheese or for salads.

Holtseer Jung, robust and hot

The cheeky brother of the mild 'Jung' cheese. A variety suitable for the whole family with a slight sharpness. Refined with pepper, paprika and jalapeño. Delicious on bread and rolls, even without butter.

Holtseer Jung

Cheese enjoyment for the whole family. Particularly mild flavour. Very popular on bread and rolls with marmalade, honey or chocolate spread.

Holtseer Feuer

Do you dare?
The new exclusive and extra hot Holtseer Feuer is not for the fussy. The extra portion of chillies cause the taste buds to flare up.

Holtseer Wilstermarsch

The gentle classic from the coast: Our Wilstermarsch convinces with mild enjoyment and GMO-free milk.

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