The country dairy of the North

We have always created unique cheeses using our love for cheese, the milk from our partner companies and a sound foundation of traditional knowledge. If you could smell our cheese as far as our reputation reaches, you would be amazed at how many places around the world you would be able to enjoy our Tilsiter and many other varieties. But no matter how trends and tastes change, we continue to stay true to our values:

Our cheese is authentic

We purposefully rely on genuine craftsmanship from real people, even in this age of highly industrialised production and full automation with only a few staff members. We know that if we can no longer create our cheese by hand, no longer allow it to mature naturally, turn it, care for it and examine it ourselves, we would lose more than just taste. That’s why our customers know that when Holtseer is on the label, there is always genuinely handcrafted cheese inside.

Precious in every shape

Our customers trust us because they know that we use high-quality raw materials to produce high quality varieties of cheese. Biting into a piece of bread or a roll that has been topped with one of our cheeses is always a valuable, special moment. A moment without regret. Pure enjoyment. These moments are what drive us to create quality products. And this is also validated by the Schleswig-Holstein quality mark.

We are northern German

We’re at home in the heart of Schleswig-Holstein, where our dairy has a long tradition. Which is why our cheeses are still made using original northern German recipes in their original environment in the mild climate between the North and Baltic Seas.

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