Real craftsmanship

Discover genuine cheesemaking from northern Germany. We create our very popular cheeses here in Holtsee, in the heart of Schleswig-Holstein, surrounded by the fresh air of the Baltic Sea.

Nothing but cheese

Traditional recipes passed down by the masters, high-quality raw materials and a passion for cheese make each Holtseer cheese into a culinary wonder. From our proven top seller around the world, Holtseer Tilsiter, through to our very fresh Holtseer Löcker, our country dairy produces a great variety of different cheeses.

Enjoy the Käsekiste

Just a few metres from our dairy you will find our factory outlet – the Holtseer ‘Käsekiste’ (‘cheese box’). Here you can enjoy coffee and cheese rolls, stock up on offers from our range of cheeses or make use of our service promotions.

We’re rolling cheeses through the countryside

We regularly travel all over Schleswig-Holstein in our cheese truck. We visit weekly markets and lots of events. Have a look to see when we will be in your area again.

Call us

Holtseer Landkäserei:
Phone 0049 4357 / 99 71 0